A place where senior residents and nonresidents —our Dear Neighbors— can find and celebrate the joy of community.

Carondelet Village Art


In the spirit and shared ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Presbyterian Homes, Carondelet Village Art expresses hospitality, holistic spirituality, compassion, and creativity.


Art uniquely enriches the environment of Carondelet Village as a sacred place of beauty and peace, healing and joy where residents, families, visitors, and staff celebrate quality of life through the stages of life: past, present, and preparation for the future.

Artistic expressions celebrate energetic life flow, holistic living, and each person’s unique journey. This is accomplished through art as a communion of love and hospitality
~ sparking spiritual imagination to feed soul and spirit;
~ celebrating the wonders of the divine gift of creation;
~ revealing diverse generational, cultural, ethnic and spiritual traditions;
~ promoting social responsibility and justice; and,
~ affirming compassion and the dignity of all creation.

Partnership Values for Art

~ beauty
~ compassion and healing
~ creativity and innovation
~ dignity and diversity of all creation
~ hospitality
~ light and color
~ simplicity

Criteria for Selection of Artwork and Artists for Commissions

~ Quality, creativity and strength of artwork and artistic skill, along with artistic and technical competence as evidenced in images of past work.
~ Stimulating and engaging artwork for public spaces that enhances the architecture, holistically supports the aging experience and celebrates diversity.
~ A professional resume for commissioned artwork.
~ Ability to support Carondelet Village Arts Mission, Vision, and Partnership Values for Art.

Carondelet Village Interiors and Art Committee