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Tech Help Resources

Future Meetings

2022 Jan 10 Monday, 1-3 PM – Fix-It Clinic by Tom Kreuzer – Carondelet Art Room 3rd Floor – Bring small appliances, lamps, electronics, mobile devices, jewelry, small furniture, fans, questions, and receive FREE assistance provided by Tom Kreuzer, Gary Marlow, and Mary Marlow who attempt to fix your item while you wait. Sign-up required.

2022 Jan 26 Wednesday 2-3 PM – Learn About eContacts Tips and Tricks by Tom “PC-Guy” Kreuzer. Replace that paper address book, What can it do for you, What info can you store, and Can share and update on all devices.

Past Meeting Files

2021/11/16 – Scams & Cyber Threats by Tom “PC Guy” Kreuzer. How to Spot Scams and Threats, Security & Password Management, and Tools & Tips to keep you safe. – Video  Handout

2021/10/25 – eCalendar Tips & Tricks by Tom “PC Guy” Kreuzer. Electronic Calendar (phone, tablet, PC, Smart Device), What can it do for you, Events, reminders, tasks, and Share calendars with friends, family, and Alexa. – Video  Handout

2021/9/27 – How to get “Internet Help & Learning” by Tom “PC Guy” Kreuzer. How and Where to Search. Manuals, Tutorials, Classes, and Help. Troubleshooting Tips. – Video  Handout

2021/8/23 – Podcasts by Tom “PC Guy” Kreuzer – What are they, Listen on your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, or Smart device for free. – Video  Handout

2021/7/27 – eMail Tips and Tricks by Tom “PC Guy” Kreuzer – Talk about eMail Tips & Tricks for any skill level from Basic to Advanced users. – Video  Handout

2021/6/10 – Best Phone and Tablet Software by Tom “PC Guy” Kreuzer – Talk about 300+ New and Popular Apps from Cooking to Weather – Video  List

2020/1/9 – Voice & Video Assistants by Tom “PC Guy” Kreuzer – Learn what “Smart Devices” can do and how they can change your life. They answer questions, play music, order anything, create shopping to-do list, set alarms/reminders, connect to other smart products, phone/video calls, send messages, and thousands of other tasks. 39 million sold this year with prices starting at $20. Video is from 3M PCC because Carondelet was not recorded – Video  List

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