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Tech Help FAQ

1on1 Help – Sign up with one of the Carondelet Computer Tutors

  • 30 minute slots from 6-8 pm on most Tuesdays
  • 30 minute slots from 1-4 pm on most Thursday
  • Call the front desk at *5000 to signup. Appointments can be set up in the Computer Lab or in your apartment. Please clarify where you’d like to meet when you sign up.

Question: Is the PHS-Guest free WiFi Carondelet safe and secure to use?

Answer: It is critical to have a secure connection, you are safe on the free Carondelet network. Years ago, it would have been very unsafe to use a WiFi network like PHS-Guest because the information sent and received was not encrypted. This would have allowed anyone to see exactly what you were doing on the Internet. Today 99.99999999999% of the sites or services on the Internet and 100% of the sites and services you use are doing end to end encryption. Years ago, with slower internet connections and slower devices, fewer sites used encryption because of the cost and speed. This is not a problem today. Look for the URL of any site you go to in your browser. It will start with https//… if encrypted and http//… if not. Most browsers will warn and stop you from going to a http// site because it can be unsafe. Every major App including banking and financial use end to end encryption. You are safe on PHS-Guest. I myself use PHS-Guest for everything when I am in the building and my dad uses it all the time. Some good FTC info: https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/are-public-wi-fi-networks-safe-what-you-need-know

The only reason not to use PHS-Guest is if you need faster upload or download speed. In the six years my dad has used PHS-Guest it has been down/unavailable less times than when he had Xfinity at his house and the speed is fine for his needs. I suggest you connect to PHS-Guest to see if it is fast enough for what you do.

I would guess there are handful of people at Carondelet with a 5G Mobile Internet/Phone service (AT&T, T-Mobile, Version) you can get your own room WiFi for prices from $30-$80 month depending on if you have other phone plans from them. I do not believe Carondelet can get fiber to your room so CenturyLink, USI, and others are not available in your room.

Another security option you may have heard of is VPN. VPN provides additional encryption and features for security. You will see many people who recommend you always use a VPN. I do not recommend VPN. If you want to know more let me know.