A place where senior residents and nonresidents —our Dear Neighbors— can find and celebrate the joy of community.

What Is Carondelet Circle?

Carondelet Circle is the home of Circle programs and services for older adults and is located in Carondelet Village. The Circle provides opportunities that serve the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and creative needs of those who live at Carondelet Village, their families and caregivers, and senior residents of the local neighborhood.

Health and Wellness

The health and strength of the body is a primary focus for persons who are aging. Carondelet Circle emphasizes physical well-being through its WINGS® Wellness services and Health Promotion classes. The Circle provides access to a state-of-the-art Wellness Center with exercise studio, workout equipment, therapeutic pool and whirlpool. Fitness programs, cardiovascular and strength training, and aquatics and yoga classes offer a variety of ways to promote physical well-being. Certified personal training is available to meet individual fitness goals.

Health Promotion classes cover a wide range of topics that address other physical needs of the aging. These include National Center on Aging endorsed programs focusing on chronic conditions, healthy eating, mobility and fall concerns along with other healthy aging education.

A full rehabilitation center with physical, occupational, and speech therapy is available as well as podiatry, audiology, dental and health clinics, massage and holistic therapies.

Spiritual Enrichment

Carondelet Circle offers spirituality enriching programs inclusive of all faith traditions that provide nourishment for the heart, mind and soul. Opportunities for quiet meditation, private devotions and public prayer, daily Mass and worship services, are available in the beautiful chapel, reflection room and other sacred spaces. Individuals can join classes on spiritual and religious topics, participate in prayer groups, access pastoral care, and connect to local spirituality programs.

Life Enhancement

Creative and artistic expression unleashes individual potential and inspires the imagination. Carondelet Circle offers many life-enhancing opportunities that tap into the intellect and creative nature. Concerts and speakers, painting and ceramics classes, book clubs, creative writing and journaling, stamp collecting, quilting and woodworking are just a few of the offerings. The Circle is home to a music studio, art studio, weaving room, handicraft and sewing studio. Its grounds include vegetable and flower gardens for green thumb enthusiasts.

Additionally, a variety of artwork on display throughout the campus invites hospitality, holistic spirituality, compassion and creativity. Many of these engaging pieces were created by residents, local artists, or commissioned to enhance the architecture. Displayed art is also a source of inspiration for meditation, art appreciation courses and studio classes.


Carondelet Circle helps create connections to a wide array of health and social resources. Meaningful opportunities are offered based on personal interests and goals. Regular communication (by email, telephone, or in-person) provides updates on what is happening at Carondelet Circle and in the neighborhood.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are invited to share unique talents with those served through Carondelet Circle by engaging in enriching relationships. Volunteers offer professional skills, provide classroom instruction, assist with social activities, and visit with residents. Volunteers also provide needed rides to and from Carondelet Village to neighborhood locations through the Ride Connection program.