A place where senior residents and nonresidents —our Dear Neighbors— can find and celebrate the joy of community.

WINGS® Wellness

Wellness is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as, “The focus of health on the whole person.” To achieve optimal wellness, WINGS® Wellness focuses on six key areas of health. Intellectual, social, vocational, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness are upheld in a variety of ways including classes, community events and spiritual care.

WINGS® Wellness Centers

The WINGS® Wellness centers are equipped with specially-chosen exercise equipment and features the services of a highly trained wellness director. Eight Regional Wellness Directors oversee WINGS®, leading classes and teaching residents how to use the equipment safely. Staff members also promote an atmosphere of support, growth, interaction, and friendship.

You’ll see results!

The progress from WINGS® is evident in key measures kept by the Regional Wellness Directors who’ve been recording the statistical benefits. A walking initiative at each of the sites resulted in measurably more people walking. To focus on improving posture, the wellness directors measured residents’ height, led special exercises and measured them again to find that they were standing straighter.